Why is this blog called Pineapple Excess? Because pineapple is delicious and I like to go a little overboard. The pineapple has also long been considered a sign of welcome and hospitality and there's nothing I like more than feeding people and enjoying a big meal with friends and family. 

I think the most important thing about food is that you should enjoy everything you eat and have fun making it. Something you won't find here? Negativity about food and body image, calorie-counting, or apologies for what I'm making and eating. In this crazy, stressful world I believe that everyone can find some happiness in the kitchen or at the table and I'm here to help it happen. 

I hope you find something here that inspires you to enjoy cooking, baking, and eating! After all, we all have to eat. 

xo, Teresia  

Headshot by the lovely and talented Anne Meadows! 

Headshot by the lovely and talented Anne Meadows! 


28 year old, Swedish, New York-based, dog-obsessed, candy-hoarding, culinary school grad. I work for a food TV personality and get to make margaritas and grill lobster for a living. Hashtag blessed.