Getting Started

There are a few assumptions made when cooking and baking that aren't always clear if you haven't spent a ton of time in the kitchen. To make things as easy as possible here's your basic guide to any ingredients you might have questions about in my recipes:

  • Eggs are always large (color doesn't matter).
  • Butter is always unsalted so that you can control the amount of salt going into the recipe.
  • Sugar is white granulated unless otherwise specified.
  • Flour is all-purpose unless otherwise specified.
  • Fresh herbs and veggies are washed and dried before being used. 

Before you start cooking, read through the entire recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients and the time needed to complete it. I like to measure out all the ingredients in small bowls before I begin (called mise en place in a professional kitchen) so I don't end up having to run to the store in the middle of a recipe because I ran out of flour. 

Happy cooking/baking!!