Lemon-Lime Soda Syrup

There are a number of ingredients that I believe every kitchen should have on hand at all times (assuming they fit within the household's budget) and one of those is citrus. A lemon or lime will NEVER go bad in my kitchen. At the very least I'll have some citrus water and in most cases I'll make salad dressings, curd, desserts or a lemony protein for dinner. When I woke up at 6:15 on Wednesday and couldn't fall back asleep I decided to make lemon-lime soda syrup. As one does.

Strawberry Slush

A while back I was inspired by the Weelicious #smoothieproject to start making smoothies every morning to start the day with lots of nutrients, use up produce that was about to go bad (or that I had frozen because it was about to go bad) and have a vehicle to blend my disgusting soy lecithin powder into (I take it to help naturally control my relatively high cholesterol). Now that I've been dragging my Vitamix blender out of the cupboard every day for a few months I've started using it for all kinds of recipes again (see ice pops here). And in honor of the temperature hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit this week I made this strawberry slush! Cheers to complaining about the heat in just a few short weeks!! 

Raspberry & Roasted Peach Pops

Fun fact: It's May. April passed me by in a blur of weddings and work events and all of a sudden it's starting to feel like summer and all I want is to spend time on the patio and eat ice pops. Our freezer is pretty empty right now so of course I had to make some immediately. Fresh raspberries and peaches aren't available in New York until mid to late summer but they're what I wanted so I used frozen ones. If you have fresh ones that you don't feel like eating plain, by all means, use them! Roasting the peaches concentrates and caramelizes the flavor a little. 

Blood Orange and Olive Oil Cake

Spring is officially just a few days away but it feels like the middle of winter. Although I'm sorely missing summer fruits and vegetables, I'm infinitely grateful for winter citrus. Recently I've seen beautifully ripe blood oranges in just about every supermarket so I set my sights on a blood orange cake. 

Weeknight Meatballs

As part of my mission to live more sustainably I'm also trying to cook more so that I can meal plan, use leftover ingredients, save money, and avoid takeout containers. Although I've been doing really well so far it's been exhausting and I once again have a new sense of appreciation for my mother who put food on the table for our family every night of the week, and weekend for that matter, when I was growing up. To help lighten the load a little I try to cook in larger volumes so that I can take leftovers for lunch and possibly eat the dish again another night of the week. One recipe that makes all of that possible is baked meatballs...

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Happy Valentine's (or Gal-entine's) Day! I don't have very strong feelings about this day in general but I do support any holidays that encourages you to eat and buy candy and chocolate. In honor of this chocolate-filled day, and Valentine's candy going on sale tomorrow, I made super dark, super fudge-y brownies.