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Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Happy Valentine's (or Gal-entine's) Day! I don't have very strong feelings about this day in general but I do support any holidays that encourages you to eat and buy candy and chocolate. In honor of this chocolate-filled day, and Valentine's candy going on sale tomorrow, I made super dark, super fudge-y brownies.

Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake

It’s been a little while since I posted a recipe because I’ve been traveling for work! I got to spend four glorious days in Turks & Caicos and it was by far the most glam work trip I will likely ever go on. I missed my time in the kitchen though and immediately wanted to bake something when I got home this past weekend. I landed on Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake, or kladdkaka, because it’s super easy and requires very few ingredients (I had about 1/2 cup flour left in my apartment and zero desire to go to the grocery store). Also, it tastes like home.