All in Candy

Homemade Peeps

Easter may be over but that's no reason to stop eating marshmallows! For this weekend I made my regular Vanilla Bean Marshmallows but instead of making a confectioner's sugar and cornstarch mix and prepping a 9x13 pan with it, I covered the base of the pan in pink sanding sugar, spooned the whipped marshmallow into a piping bag fitted with a big round tip, and piped it into peeps on the sanding sugar using the technique from this video by Whimsical Candy in Chicago! Happy (Late) Easter!!   

Bourbon Vanilla Marshmallows

Valentine's Day is this coming weekend and although I object to the pressure of gifts and expensive dinners, or the alternative pressure put on people not in relationships, I love that it's a holiday largely based on candy. In reality all I really want is dinner at home and a bouquet of Nerds Ropes. Whether you are celebrating with a loved one or friends I think enjoying hot chocolate with homemade bourbon vanilla marshmallows is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (assuming your loved ones are of age). 

Cardamom Milk Chocolate Truffles

I think cardamom is the most delicious and underrated spice out there. It's the seed of a plant family grown mainly in India and is unsurprisingly used a ton in Indian cooking. Interestingly enough it's seen a lot in Scandinavian baking too. Rumor has it the vikings traveled east to trade (and possibly pillage and plunder) and brought the spice back to northern Europe where it grew to become part of the local cuisine. Whoever is to blame, I'm a fan. 

Soft Salted Chocolate Caramels

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying some time with family and friends before the rush to get everything done before Christmas kicks in! The holiday baking season is officially in full swing and if you need a great hostess gift or just a break from your oven, soft salted chocolate caramels are calling your name. 

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

I'm a candy freak. I've always loved candy, but a few years ago I worked for a mentor of mine, Beth Kimmerle, who solidified my love of candy and introduced me to the crazy world that is the candy industry. Beth is a confectionary expert, historian, and consultant. Working with her allowed me to do things like travel to candy trade shows, do sensory trainings with chocolate clients, research the history of caramels, and spend weeks testing maple nougat (after which I couldn't eat anything maple-flavored for months). Beth taught me everything there is to know about candy and it remains one of my favorite things to make at home.

Chocolate PB Caramel Candy Bars

I'm in the middle of figuring out whether or not I need to move out of my apartment in September and find a new place. This wouldn't be an issue except for that I live in New York, the world's capitol of shitty housing where finding an apartment means trudging through countless cockroach-infested closets before you end up forking out half a year's salary in broker fees to get yourself a room that fits a bed and an oven that isn't blocked by the refrigerator (true story). Can you tell that NYC and I have a love/hate relationship? Until that's all cleared up I'm doing my best to think about anything else, and nothing cheers me up like some time in the kitchen and feeding other people delicious things.